Welcome to My Color Workshop

If you want to build value into a property, welcome to learning how  to choose paint colors once and for all!  Have you noticed when you pick out a paint color it never comes out the way you thought it would?  This happens to both professionals and homeowners.  Whether you are an interior designer, painter, architect or just trying to choose the right colors for your home, learn all the secrets of color selection from a Certified Color Consultant.  Choose the right colors not only for walls, but also cabinets, counters, flooring and all the fixed assets inside and outside.

You will learn the secrets of color, how to avoid common mistakes, and how to put together a complete palette that works.  Learn how to make color work for you.   

Plus, receive a discount card that saves you 20% on paint alone, and even better deals once you are registered!

Designers and industry professionals, receive .6 of IDCEC continuing education credit as well! 

You can even become a Certified Color Consultant and improve your design business or start your own!

Whether nights, evenings and/or weekends, you will have three weeks of 24/7 access to complete the workshop at your pace and enjoy one-on-one interaction with me and your fellow attendees.  You will likely complete the workshop in 6-7 hours.

You can sign up and start at any time!  Click “Register” to get started today! 

~Katie Decker, C.C.C., M.B.A.


My Color Workshop |  PO Box 15285 Phoenix, AZ 85060 | info@ColorWorksAZ.com | (602) 540.0406
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