Color has made the world come alive for me.  When I pull out swatches and use different colors to create a feeling for a client, I feel a sense of peace and joy.  Color Workshop was born out of a desire to enable others not only to grasp the basics of color, but how to build a palette for their own home.

Have you noticed when you pick out a paint color, it never comes out the way you thought it would?  You are not alone.  Don’t want to pay for an expensive designer? You don’t have to.  In this course, you will find original content I have developed since starting my business in 2008. I want to take you from standing helplessly at the paint counter to creating the home of your dreams through the power of color.

What We Cover

  • How light affects color
  • Different planes and their affect on color
  • The psychology of color
  • When and how to use accent walls and colors
  • When to start and and stop a color, based on your home’s architecture
  • How to read a fan deck
  • How to choose the best paint colors
  • How to build a paint palette for your house, room-by-room, that creates harmony and the feel you want

Extras Included

  • COUPONS!  Save 50% on paint alone!
  • Optional critique of pictures of your paint project(s)
  • Actual paint color names and numbers designers don’t want you to know about because they work
  • Our favorite products, including environmentally friendly  and zero VOC products
  • “Cheat Sheets” to print and keep with you after the course ends
  • Practical points to help you along the way

Course cost: $195, discount card of 20% or we can call in your order for up to 50% savings!

The course is entirely self-paced and online.  For more information, click The Details tab.

My Color Workshop | PO Box 15285 Phoenix, AZ 85060 | info@ColorWorksAZ.com | (602) 540.0406

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